This is probably the best game in the entire series!!!

User Rating: 7.8 | SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Combined Assault PS2
Socom Combine Assault is probably the best in the Socom series. The games AI has improved drastically over Socom 3, especially your own men. In the last game they would wander aimlessly or if you ordered them into a boat or vehicle they wouldnt come, that no longer happens in Socom Combine Assault. The game play is also a little bit more mixed up, by this I mean there are a lot of different mission objectives to pursue. The cross talk for the psp is much better as well, with each cross talk objective you achieve the game responds by telling you new helpful information, and from time to time you will get info on some things gathered by another SEAL team. I didnt think that the T rating changed anything that I loved about the first 3 games so that was great. And with the T rating a lot more younger people can get to buy and play this great game. The same great mechanics are in Combined Assault, so I recommened this game to any fan of the series or to anyone with the slightest interest in shooters. And with online play, especially coop you can spend some serious hours playing.