Zipper makes a completely different game in the Socom series and scores big time!

User Rating: 9.4 | SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs (Greatest Hits) PS2
Two years ago, if you had an online adapter for your PS2, you need to have Socom II. Now, the guys at Zipper made a game COMPLETELY different from their last two games, updating both the single, and multiplayer drastically.

The single player was a huge goal on Zipper's mind, so they gave it a remake from their usual formula, and made it as great as ever. Making it fun, but realistic. The singleplayer now has checkpoints, which makes it much easier for the casual player.

The multiplayer is still where its at. This time, you know have an unheard of 32 players online on the PS2. Vehicles are also found here. It runs surprisingly smooth, and the vehicles are all fun to drive around the huge maps. All the new maps are very well designed.. not forcing you to use vehicles. Both the new game modes(especially Convoy) are very well excepted.

Gameplay - 10
The online portion is awesome, there is nothing better, on PS2 and XBOX

Graphics - 8
Socom has never had good graphics, and this is no exception, but the maps and design makes up for it

Sound - 10
Very well done score, and all the guns sound great

Value - 10
You will be playing this one for a very long time

overall - 9.4

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