SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash - SNK Version Cheats For NeoGeo Pocket Color

  1. Quick Select

    In the middle of the round, enter the following to get these effects:

    Ring Character: Up+B
    Your Discards: Left + B
    Enemy Discards: Right + B
    Status: Down + B

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Mech Zangief Card

    Collect five coins and return to Joy Joy. Find Yosiki and challenge him to a game. Defeat him in the first game to recieve the Mech Zangief Card.

    Contributed by: XPLICIT187 

  3. Mega Crush Card

    Break the Dust Dragon to open the back room in the Lost World where the Mega Crush Card is located. Now, win the tournament, then return to the back room. If Mask is in the room, the cabinet will be unlocked and you can get the Mega Crush Card.

    Contributed by: XPLICIT187 

  4. Hidden Title Screens

    Once you have collected 50%, 90% and 100% of the cards, you will be able to see a new title screen.

    Contributed by: XPLICIT187 

  5. Neo-Geo World Auction

    Beat the game, then return to the semifinals room for a card auction.

    Contributed by: jh51681 

  6. Unlock Cards

    These cards are all either Rarity A or S this can only be done on the Snk version.

    Code Effect
    You have to beat Nishi for the first time you fight him(Nishi is in the auction room) Geese
    You have to trade a Morrgain to a person in Neogeo world Tri-Quiz
    To unlock evil ryu card you must go to the auction room and trade a certain amount of Raity b cards to Kana for her to give to you Evil Ryu
    You must trade kana rarity B cards at the aution room Kyo (P)
    You can unlock Haohmaru by trading Chris rarity A cards(his cards change so meet up with him later)(He is located at the Resident evil Mansion) Haohmaru

    Contributed by: Videomanmack 

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