Sniper Elite V2 is the best TPS game ever!!!

User Rating: 10 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
This is the most ridiculous review I have ever encountered! We finally have a great TPS game and this review will keep some people from finding out just how great it is. Obviously ratings are very subjective but I can't begin to understand this low rating. Yes, I read the review but the problems mentioned do not justify this rating. The reviewer seems like he was expecting a simulation rather than a game. Remember can find fault with just about anything in this world but you have to weigh the good versus the bad. I thought that's what a review was supposed to be. Comparing the many positives mentioned in the review to the few negatives, I would have expected at least a rating of 8. Over the years I have purchased just about every TPS game released. This is now my all time #1 TPS game. Nearly everything that was wrong with TPS games in the past has been overcome in this game. Those of you who play these types of games know exactly what the standard complaints are. Sniper Elite V2 overcomes most of those problems. If you haven't purchased Sniper Elite V2 then do yourself a real favor and buy it ASAP! I give it a 10!