Question About the XRay Shots

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I read about this game and it sounds awesome, except for one thing....

The XRay shots where you see peoples organs being ripped apart by the sniper bullet.

I love the idea of this game, it's all about the long distance shot, and I can handle a little blood, but this is too graphic for my tastes.

So my question is, Can they be turned off?

If there answer is yes I would buy this game in a heartbeat.

The review may call it a fancy shooting gallery, but what's wrong with that?

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It can't be completely turned off, but you can set it to Minimal. When set to Minimal most of the time it does not engage, and if you aim for lethal areas but not critical organ shots, it rarely engages.

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Thank you I was expecting people to be a jerk about it. lol I'm in this to have fun, not drive myself nuts with graphic content. Some people like graphic content but I don't
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Truth be told, the only thing that really bothers me about the Kill Cam and Focus shots is that the distraction of the slow mo and cinematics can take away from the flow of the game when you're trying to quickly line up one shot after another when troops are advancing and/or flanking. That said, the Kill Cam CAN reveal other nearby troops that may otherwise be hidden from view, and shooting wihtout Focus can waste ammo, as it's far less accurate.

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What the fuck are you doing playing a mature rated game about you sniping people? Pussy gtfo.