All tho i wish the fram erate was smoother and had optional gamepad support i truly enjoy this game

When i heard this game was initially coming out for pc I wanted it now . So much i couldn't wait and got it off of steam a day ahead .
a time. Initially the frame rate was really choppy. Messed with the setting and got it to a playable state.
I agree that there are some actual real concerns for the issues people are having. Like game crashes and fps issues.
but all of that aside i feal this is the most fun and realistic
game i've played so far. the character you interact with feel so real
that you feel actual shock when they get killed or turn on you
for a game to that takes a lot of talent effort to pull that off

And i do agree that rockstar should of waited a bit longer before releasing this game. Even though you can't let this one instance completely turn you off to the company after all the great games they put out. they admit there is a problem and are really trying hard to rectify it . This also makes me wonder how many of these are legitimate claims and how many are just people out fanning the flames.