The Art of Warfare: Recruiting

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Greetings SMITERS!

If you're looking for a Clan!

Consider The Art of Warfare (TAW)

Casual gaming and having FUN are our priorities.

But we also have competitive options for those interested!

With our American, European and Asian battalions there is usually someone online to play with 24/7.

Besides being 15+ Years old, having a microphone and able to attend the two weekly training sessions.

We have no other requirements.

Our structure is built on military principles to keep the community active.

(But don't let this scare you... we're all about having fun with our Games!)

What we offer:

- A chance to socialize with like minded individuals from across the world.

- A teamspeak server; where you can play with 2000+ members spread over various games.

- A ranking system; allowing you to be gradually promoted from recruit to an Officer

- A merit system; where you can earn badges and medals based on your achievements.

- Structured in-house practices and tournaments.

- Training instructors to help you improve your gameplay.

- Specific meetings to improve your skills.

How To Join?

1. Apply on the website

2. An email will be sent to you for confirmation and an Introduction Quiz [Takes 2 min]

3. Wait for a drill instructor to contact you.

4. Schedule a boot camp. [A meeting to go over some rules]

5. DONE!

So remember.. if you're looking anyway.

We could be just what you're looking for!.

Visit our website and Join Now!

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Join TAW and get a free throwback from Sobek!

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Taw looking for more recruits!

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great group, I've had lots of fun and or glorious games with them in my short time with them. A clan that really brings the feeling of home, and doesn't feel exclusive.

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love playing with these guys. weekly practices, in house fights as well as always having a solid group to play with has been great for my smitegame. taking in all kinds of new players is another great thing about it, since you get to learn and teach. friendly group, check em out

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Tons of fun to be had with this clan, in addition to well structured leadership.

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TAW is awesome great community awesome people and always someone to play with!