How Do you Guys Fel About Smite?

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I'm not what you would call a MOBA fanatic.  I saw my exboyfriend play DOTA, and it was amazingly boring to watch- I couldn't imagine playing it.  However, Smite, to me, is a MOBA/Unreal Tournament hybrid.  It's got the right amount of strategy needed as well as action given that, usually, when I'm done playing, I'm amped for the enxt half hour.  Smite is an adrenaline filled game for me.

I absolutely hated Smite for al ittle while.  I bought the God Pack pretty early on, and as more and more Gods came out, the balacing issues, as well as the lag and the community, made the game utterly unplayable for me for a few months.  After seeing them release Chronos, Tyr and Chang'e, I decided to load it back up- hoping they had made advancements in fixing the issues I had had with the game.  They did- the only issue that still persists is the community (more on this in a minute).  They even made the UI look more spectacular and easier to navigate, making this game look better than it did the last time I had touched it.

I loathe the Online Community, and I loathe them even more in MOBAs.  It seems like a lot of man-childs play MOBAs.  I don't know what it is about them that attracts the man-childs, but there are a lot of them there.  People bitch if you select a character right away ("Autolocker!" they scream, to which I reply "Autowhinner!").  They bitch if the items you purchase don't show up right away- even if you have a high God Rank, people like to think they know more about the game than you do, without ever having met you before.  I've been blamed for losing a match when I had the most kills and least deaths- which, I don't even argue against the lack of logic there.  Most people think the game is all about the kills, forgetting to destroy the creeps (the worst part is when you are doing it by yourself at a low level, and someone runs right past you to go for the closest God).  Ignoring creeps is almost a sure-fire way to failure- killing creeps isn't a serving suggestion, it's a neccessity.  They whine about kill steals (it does suck, especially if oyu worked hard, but you're on a damn team- every kill goes for the greater good).  People bitch if you play the same god repeatidly, while they, themselves, do the same thing.  I can't explain how immature the community is, but I can say- thank God for the Mute button.  If someone says something I think is going to damage the team, instead of responding, I mute them (believe me- in-fighting happens alot in this game- another thing that can lead to failure).  Lastly, being a noob in this game is very hard (it seems people forget we all have to start somewhere).

If you're going to play Smite, or any MOBA, you need to have a thick skin.  You need  to be able to ignore the 25 year old with the 13 year old mentality on the other end calling you a "noob".  And mostly, you need to think and be aware of everything- from where your team is placed, as well as the enemies, to the creeps on the field and the points needed to go on the board to win the match.

My main is Bastet and I alt with Kali sometimes.  What do you guys think about this game?

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I'm a big fan of this game, very fun and very free. I main He Bo, by far the strongest God in the game.