I got this game for $10.My hopes wern't high and I was right...

User Rating: 5 | Smash Court Tennis 3 X360
Smash Court Tennis 3 was pretty dissapointing.Now I like the sport of tennis it's very fun and when it gets turned into a Video Game most of the time it's good with games like Mario Tennis from Nintendo,Top Spin by 2K and Virtual Tennis by Sega.But although Atari had The Smash Court series they decided to take a gamble but this game was a dissapointment.The box says that the Controlls are great and it's realalstic.Well the game is real but the controlls well...Their crap...They barely respond and the A.I is another problem.They can sometimes be really easy to get by or they can own you like Crazy.Their is a deep customization which is great and it's pretty good and the tour mode for the game is ok but it could have been better.The roster of chracters is alright but it need a little more variety.For the online nobody plays this game.Manily because nobody on Xbox Live is into tennis games.Overall Smash Court Tennis 3 is very disapointing.The chracters are kinda bland,The graphics aren't too good,The controlls need some working out and we need more people playing this game online.However the chracter customization is deep and it has a good simulation.But this game is really ment for fans of the real Tennis game.