new to sly cooper-Help

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I just started the new sly cooper on ps vita  and I get get anywhere... If I jump over this fense type thing.  the guards get me and its over.. and then I see theres a wire above me...with no way to get up there. what am i missing. again, I am at the very beginning..the 1st scenes..

please help



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I never played it on vita but the best mentality to just get through the level is "keep moving forward." Avoid lights and grab onto everything that has the blue sparkles which is usually an indicator that you're going in the right direction. Best of luck. This game is awesome.
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Tap the rear touch pad. That will point you in the right direction. And also remember to always look for glowing blue on anything ledges, lightposts, etc... When you see that jump and press circle. Good luck!