Zynga Elite Slots Review

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I was playing Zynga Elite Slots, and it is my favorite slots game. So I write a review. 

The basic gameplay is still conventional. Players take bets on any line or any combination of lines in specified patterns, spin the reels and if three or more identical symbols or special symbols appear in a row in the bet lines, they will win varying amounts of coins depending on the bets and the matches. As always, betting on all the lines remains the best way to avoid wrong bets but is also the quickest way to deprive yourself of all the coins you have. As one accumulates experience and levels up, they will unlock more machines, which feature different pictures, bets and jackpots. However, it is less likely to win bets in Zynga Elite Slots than in other games of the genre. Not all symbols in a row would bring coins. The match must starts from a symbol on the leftmost reel.

The totall review is here: http://www.dotmmo.com/zynga-elite-slots-16036.html