Sleeping Dogs, the unofficial sequel to True Crime: New York, is a great game in every aspect, read on to find out why.

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs X360
This is my second review on GameSpot, sorry for the long wait, I've been busy, anyway, on to the good stuff.

Sleeping Dogs, the unofficial sequel to True Crime: New York, is a great game in every aspect, the plot, the characters, the graphics, I honestly haven't found a single thing wrong with this game...

Ah, the streets of Hong Kong, where the thriving nightlife runs through the day, cheap backstreet "massages" are everywhere, and nobody uses a gun. This truly is a great place for undercover cop Wei Shen to start his new mission with the HKPD, but he doesn't know what he's about to get himself into. Wei Shen originally comes from Hong Kong, and has had connections with the Sun On Yee in the past, before he left for America. But now he's back, and he's going to join them, to take them down.

The starting gameplay is great, and it's not long until you're showing of your smooth free-running skills and throwing some punk's face into a fan unit or chucking him into a dumpster. Combat can be fairly easy, as long as you can time your counters properly, it can eventually get repetitive, you'll find yourself repeating the same combos a lot.

Another early-on mission really introduces you the driving mechanic, in a bus...Sleeping Dogs employs a rather strange driving maneuver, the ability to "throw" your car to the side, or forwards. This can be used to take out enemies, or cops, making it easier to get away, provided you don't have a gun.

Personally, one of my favourite missions is one entitled "Club Bam Bam". As it the title hints, it requires you go to a popular karaoke club, show off your suave chat up lines, and most importantly, sing. It takes you into a fun mini-game, where you can sing some blasts from the past, including Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", and A-Ha's "Take On Me" being a fan of music from this past era, I had great fun.

A bit further on, Wei finds a gun, supposedly belonging to a member of a rival Triad gang, the 18K. This is where the superintendent of the police force, Thomas Pendrew, asks you to re-create what he thinks happened at the crime scene. The gunplay is fantastic, the range of guns is nothing to get excited about, but usually the standard pistol will suffice. The vault-shot action that a few other games have integrated adds to the fun you can have, who doesn't love jumping off of a balcony, shooting 5 enemies, and swiftly parachute rolling to safety? Also, don't look at that explosion behind you.

Soon enough you will be speeding down the highway, hanging out the window of your car, shooting the tires of rival Triad members, blasting their cars sky-high, this is made easier by the games "bullet time" type mechanic, where leaning out your window slows time down, giving you time to shoot the driver, and quickly get back to the wheel, avoiding that ever-so cliché lamppost that's always in your way.

Even after you have finished the storyline, there are many things you can do. Various lock boxes are hidden throughout the city, along with health shrines. Random events can also occur, these include dealing with a disturbing drunk or helping your friend Calvin by speeding him away after he punches a cop...

All in all, Sleeping Dogs is a great game that I would recommend everyone to buy. By what the game says, it is possible that there may be a prequel to this amazing game.

The Ratings:

Story - 9/10
Length of Story - 8/10
Graphics - 9/10
Characters - 10/10
Setting - 10/10
Animation (Free-Running/Combat) - 8/10
Driving - 8/10
Gun-play - 8/10
After-Story gameplay - 8/10
Karaoke - 9/10

Overall - 9/10

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