Sleeping Dogs has great combat and plenty to do that should keep you busy for a while.

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs PS3

The story is Wei Shen has been hired as an undercover cop and also part of a gang to take down rival gangs in the streets.


The game plays superbly the combat feels fresh and doesn't feel like a button masher because there will be times when you need to be able to dodge and if you collect certain objects through the game you can learn new abilities. Some missions are high speed chases,some are races which become available across the the world once your done and some areas are protected by rival gangs which you have to sort of report back to via your monitor in your house to arrest them.

The game has a good cover system and some very clever use when using guns because you can sort of do a leap over an obstacle to slow down the enemies fire giving you a chance to strike with a few shots. The main enjoyment is throwing enemies into stuff like shafts,dustbins or into a fishing tank or even fish. themselves.

As well as doing main missions there are side missions that affect your face meter and that helps from either getting cars,cloths and stuff. Also keep on the look out for glowing shrines that upgrade your health after a certain number has been collected and lock boxes which have money or items in them.

Are there any flaws well yes sometimes trying to face a horde of enemies to get a sensor camera can be a pain and also it is a bit easy to damage peoples vehicles make the game a bit easy.


The music feels like it belongs in the game and it can relate to how the character looks and what area of the world he is from and the graphics look superb too especially when you get those cool finishes in the game.


About 20 hours for the main campaign but for extras maybe about another 5 hours.

Overall Opinion

Sleeping Dogs is a brilliant sandbox game that has good combat and a very good inspiration for where the area in the game is. Plus alot of things to see do and find make a game worth having.

Overall Score 9.1