GTA done right

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs PC

This game is like GTA except it actually works and it's a lot of fun! I've been playing it all day, I don't remember the last time I was so addicted. Well I remember - it was SSX3 on the PS2 almost 2 years ago, I still play that game regularly.

I have tried playing all the modern GTA games except V and they simply didn't do anything for me and I found their mechanics and everything else about them boring and annoying. Sleeping Dogs doesn't have the best mechanics but they get-the-job-done.

Unlike GTA, Sleeping Dogs has a lot of likable character - the story may not be so interesting but it flows! The main character is likable enough. Hong Kong is interesting and beautiful and it is fun to drive it's streets in sexy sport cars.

Eventually I will have to get a physical copy of the PS3 version because collection and trophies :hang