Square Enix is scoring another hit while Rockstar plays with little boxes

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs PC
Well, I was my self a GTA "fanboy" from the first one with 2D graphics and played all of them on the PC. Rockstar is INFAMOUS for their support to PC gamers and that's why PC gamers loved so much Vice City and San Andreas. Because the fourth installment was a shame in performance and a let down of fun giving what San Andreas offered and amount of add-on and tweaks. The crown was then taken by Saints Row: The Third for the video games genre of "Blow-things-up-steal-that-car-beat-everyone-crash-into-everything-escape-from-cops-shooting-screaming-laughing".

Here comes Sleeping Dogs. At first I felt something strange about graphics, but I see it has a style and then I also ended liking it. Sound is quite good, chinese music plays a role in immersing you in Hong Kong. Driving physics favors cars over bikes but much depends on the vehicle really. Fighting barehanded is a major trait here and is the centre of the whole game, fighting armed and firearmed is different, but all you do is mimic famous action movies, jumping over obstacles while unloading lead over your enemies, catching mid air kicks, grabbing enemies and brutally knock them out with environmental attacks such beating them with the public phone. For the first 10 hours almost I didn't get serious about the game but the story is really good and the more you play the more you'll like it.

The story is strong and very well done, the game is funny, the fightings are awesome, shooting is like a John Woo movie. Speaking of length, I played 23 hours to finish the story and lost a bit of time as normal in games like this searching for shops, mini games, secondary missions. Overall difficulty is easy, but the first thing to do is to master the fighting skills, firearms are rare and no one sells them.

I find GTA IV to be over rated, for PC. I stopped playing it because of the poor performance. On an i7 2600k overclocked 16Gigs of 1866 mhz RAM, 6 RAIDed SSDs and a pair of HD 6950 2GB the game won't play at 60 fps @ 1920x1080. Rockstar, are you serious? You got beat by another one.