Triad Upgrade question

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So I just finished the game, but only got to level 9.9 on triad upgrades, narrowly missing the final upgrade (& achievement). Is there a way to score triad points (other than buying DLC) after finishing the story?

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Never mind...

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Did you fix it? I've got the same problem and I don't know what to do

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Did you fix it? I've got the same problem and I don't know what to do


You can replay missions in the Social Hub. Just replay missions that you scored low on and make sure you have the Mountain Master Triad clothing set for 15% extra Triad experience. If you don't beat your old score, the experience hardly goes up, if at all.

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It looks as though a LOT of people have this problem... finished the game with a need for more Triad experience.

I must say, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this game just because of this fact... I think they did this on purpose in order to encourage people to buy the upgrade online to finish off the Triad experience.

That is just RIDICULOUS!

They are treating their customers like IDIOTS... because if you buy that upgrade just for the needed Tried experience, you ARE an idiot!

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 the top dog silver pack gives you more triad xp points than the gold pack, right? and i think it's 160 ms points - maybe i get this one but before that i try to reach the  maximum triad points by replaying the missions ..