Stuck on 'Buried Alive" Mission *SP*

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I've just talked to Raymond at the meet-up spot and got the phonecall from the kidnapper about jackie but after the cutscene i have no mission marker or instructions. I've waited multiple times for up to 10 mins just standing there waiting with no activity. I've also tried reloading and restarting the mission with the same result. Is this a known glitch? Anyone have any advice?


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 you have to eliminate ALL the boats that are tracking/chasing you !

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you have to call the feng shui guy on the phone - he'll give you a boat ..

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I must clarify... I have absolutely NO mission markers. After the cutscene I just stand on the docks with nothing to do, no updates, no contacts to call, no incoming texts, nothing. I think I'm gonna try to restart from a few saves ago to see if that fixes the problem. Thanks.


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hmmmmmmm, that does sound like a major bug!