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Dont shoot me down in Flames for asking this question. Im not a hardcore gamer and tbh im not that good on games. I like the story to this game so far but im am dying alllllll the time to the point where its taking the fun out of it! Is there any cheats like on gta for weapons? Health etc????? 


I know Many people hate people using cheats but i think whatever makes a game fun for the individual it doesnt matter!

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Anyone know? Thanks

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After some thorough research I think I can pretty much confirm there are no actual cheat codes as such, but there are hints and tips on things such as how to make money easier. Sorry.
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I am with you.... I find the melee ridiculously hard & makes the game unenjoyable .  Just don't have the time to spend more then 1/2 - 1hr a day to play.  At least Batman Arkham City had a difficulty setting.  

Did read on another forum that there might be codes included in a DLC/patch... hope so.

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deathandgravity: counter, counter, counter. That should solve the difficulty for you. It isn't hard.
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i finished the triad missions today and ive died maybe 4-6 times in my playthrough. there are no official cheats. i can give you some tips on fighting though.


-counter is very important cause some enemies block so you cant hurt them by punching unless you just countered and they are stunned for a second and the bigger guys cant be grabbed so avoid them till you defeated everyone else or attack them if you have a weapon..

-Use the envoirment cause bringing a person in to a red object is instant kill. you dont have to press F near an red object if your running towards it.

-dont stand in the middle of all the poeple try to move around so you wont get hit while your in the middle of an attack.

-prioritize when fighting, dont just randomly attack everyone. for me this is how i fight (if the types of enemies are in battle)

Weapon Triad = attack them first cause having a weapon makes it easier to fight stronger enemies. Counter untill they are dead. grabbing doesnt work on them (if you have the weapon you should use it on the strongest enemy to get him out of the way quicly)

Weak Triad = these are the same units only without weapon. they have low health and can be easily grabbed.

Strong Triad = This unit looks buff has more health than a weak triad and defends allot. so attacking them is harder, you can either grab them or use a counter and attack before he regains his defence.

Grab Triad = These are the most anoying units cause they grab you and there are multiple ways they can do that which require pressing of buttons in a quicktime event. you have to be fast to avoid the attacks. you cant grab these units so my advice is avoid them until everyone else is dead then counter and attack before the regain balance.


i guess thats about it

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Thanks for the tips!


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Yes, in the form of DLC.  You can max out your Triad, Cop, and Face stats for only $2.99.

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I found myself in the same situation, getting owned all day in combat. However, after I passed the learning curve, took me about a day, I am no pretty unstoppable in combat. Just keep hitting and counter at the last second when needed, grab the grapplers, break their legs etc. Make sure to also buff yourself up with teas, energy drinks etc etc. Don't need to cheat, you guys got this.