Central Lockbox Help!

#1 Posted by smellygoatcheez (34 posts) -

I have collected all the collectables except for one lockbox in Central and i look on the map and i cant see it anywhere it is on a mission that i probably missed or in a club somewhere. This is basically the only thing i need for the collectables achievment.

#2 Posted by RedChuckz (743 posts) -
When you go to the map press X and it will switch to collecibles - the all pure white that show and they are little bit bolder means you already got them - then ones they show grayed out is the ones you did not collect its hard to tell them appart but hope it helps.
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yeah i knew that but thanks anyway this is bugging me i only have one left

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I had the same problem bro...look on ur map where it says Victoria peak...its right where the 'p' is...it doesn't show on the big map but will pop up on the mini map when you get close...hope this helps it you'll me hours to find it