Can someone help me please?

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I have done literally everything there is to do. Missions, drug busts, eating food, randomly generated side quests etc. However, I'm stuck at 97.94% in terms of completion. I have every trophy except for the one you get for all golds, the 100% and the platinum trophy. I'm confused though, because I should have the trophy for all golds because I have checked multiple times and I do have them all except for the 100% game completion gold. Is this a glitch or what?
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Sorry my mistake. I thought that Tran had an infinite amount of Car Delivery missions seeing as I had done so many. I now have 100% and what an amazing time I have had.
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I have problem i think with hhh , I don't know in game i haven't helalth bar , on big map i dont have big cross to mark location , in options i don't have items(empty space) , when I sing karoke haven't indicator , Please somebody told me what is problem or send me go Torrent to download again ! :D :D
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If you torrented the game then that's probably why. It's better to buy the disc because you support the companies making the games and the disc is pretty much guaranteed to work.