Can I set my mouse sensitivity above 10 somehow? Also why is it so slow?

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I've been playing this and my mouse is unbelievably laggy.  I can play the game fine, but I hate, hate, hate hate,hate how sluggish it is.  I set it all the way up to 10 and its nicer, but its still slow for me.  Its not a framerate/performance issue, the game runs almost maxed out (I have anti-aliasing off. My stupid computer hates anti-aliasing for some reason :<)  at around 60 beautiful frames.  Is there an ini config, or hidden console or something that I can crank up the sensitivity?  The 360 controller works nicer in this regard, but I bought this on the PC and would prefer using my good ol' mouse and keyboard.

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This game was designed for gamepads and consoles.  Just be glad the pc version supports high res textures and dx11 effects.


Who knows, maybe the mouse aiming will be patched.  Not a big deal to me, as I played this one with a controller.  As it is mostly hand to hand combat and driving, mouse aiming wasn't really needed.