Arm Break upgrade glitch?

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I am having a problem after returning the jade Rabbit statue to Sifu. I select the Arm Break upgrade and even though i can successfully do it several times, Sifu never acklowledges it, so I can't progress to taking out the remaining students and the upgrade never gets applied.

This is after patching to 1.4, everything else is working fine, including the menu showing as 1.4 and tumbler lock picking working with mouse now. I cannot pick any other upgrade because Dim Mak is the only other one, and you have to choose that last.

There is only one other person I've found saying they have this exact same problem. He made a thread on the official forum for the game. The only thing I can think of trying is disabling onscreen hints, since the 2nd LMB icon of the onscreen prompt never highlights when completing the move.

Is anyone else here having this problem? If so, do you know of a workaround? If I can't progress past this I can't get the Dim Mak upgrade!

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Arm upgrade glitch solved Press grapple (f) in pc then click once you will see that hint showing grapple f gets highlighted then left click once it also gets highlighted, follow it left, left, left hold. & you're done.