Anyone else want to kill the Checkpoint system? (spoiler for a mission here)

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Wow. Good thing controllers cost 60 bucks or mine would be sticking out of the drywall. This checkpoint system was clearly designed by someone who HATES GAMERS!

Case in point: The Bam Bam Club mission. You go in, you attck a few guys as the old geezer target runs off. No biggie. Then 2 other guys come out and you have to beat them, thats a checkpoint. Then you have to jump down to lower level and take out about SIX OTHER GUYS, bearing in mind that if you die at any point you get to start back at the checkpoint. If your good and can get the knife from the one guy no issue.

Then you go into the restroom and 4 other guys want to kill you....bear in mind....if/when you die you will have to go allllll the way back to just before you started fightning the 2 guys.

Broken save system. At this point I am just going around and getting all the health temple things (did the Amanda thing, got a perk that shows them on my minimap) so I can get my health maxed out.

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It's fine to me.  I don't fail/die much.

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WOW,couldnt have said it better myself. Really i couldnt! lol ya **** game annnoys the living **** outta me, god forsaken goooks!! im doing the exact same as u picking up health temple things. DOG **** GAME FOR DOG **** EATING ****


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The Bam Bam Club mission took me a while but I beat it.  I understand the frustration as I was one guy away from finishing the mission and I died.  Several other times I would get killed because those guys with the knives are hard to take down.

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Had absolutely no problems with the checkpoints or saves.


Want a game with broken saves?  Play Dead Rising.  I had to restart that game six times before I gave up, because it never actually saved at the save points.  Horrid game.  The demo was misleading.