Anyone Else Get A New Game + Through Glitch

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So I was pretty dissapointed that there was no new game + in this game, but at least you get to replay missions. So I started from the first mission the replay menu would let me but I screwed up a fight and wanted to start over, so I hit "reload checkpoint" but the game crashed. Frustrated, I restarted the game but when I hit continue, it brought me to that point in the game. Like, all the races, events, jobs, favors, and police cases had been reset, but I still had all my clothing, upgrades, cars, and money, too. So basically, I glitched myself into a new game plus +! Also, it kept my old save from after having beat the game, so I can still go back any time I want. Basically, it's the perfect glitch, and I'm loving it. If you want to try it out for yourself, go ahead! I was playing the PC version btw.