Skylanders : Spyro's Adventure is...pretty good!

User Rating: 9 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure PS3
When I first picked up Spyro Skylanders (Skylanders : Spyro's Adventure) on Sunday I had very high hopes for the game (as I always have when I first heard about it). The box looked intriguing and so did the Skylander toys (I also picked up a three pack of extra toys). When I put the game in the system and started to play it seemed really good and the voice acting was amazing (although I was in a cinematic). After the cinematic I was approached by one of the characters in the game "Hugo". He started to talk. I was disappointed to see that the voice acting was still great, but the actions of the character kept looping and did not follow the words being said. Some characters in the game mouths do not even move! Either than that smal problem the gameplay is great! The concept of how the game works is all it was cracked up to be, and the "Portal of Power" seamlessly, and wirelessly, connects your Skylanders to the game in seconds. Your game data saves right on the toy itself (all character data that is levels, upgrades and hats). This is great, because if you have a friend who has lets say and Xbox 360, Wii or 3DS, you can play their game with your exact same character you left your home with! You also have other options such as changing the name of your character from the preset one, changing your characters hat (found in secret elemental gates in the game) to something else, which enhances some of your characters attributes (speed, power, luck). You can also give your characters ownership away to your friend. This is a neat idea, because you can literally use the toys as trading cards, and trade them with friends. All in all aside from the voice acting the game is amazing.