Skullgirls is an inspired fighter that remains true to classic fighting conventions, while creating a style of it's own!

User Rating: 8.5 | Skullgirls X360
The obvious draw of Skullgirls is the all-girl beautifully animated cast. This is the first thing that caught my eye when I saw a preview of this game a few months ago. Now after playing the finished product, I see that it is simply a candy exterior on top of a very deep and lovely product.

You can choose from one of eight fighters that very from the mysterious and sexy to outright horrifying. The story of the game take shape around and object called the "Skull Heart" granting whoever obtains it whatever wish their hearts desire. This is a double edge sword, however as the skull slowly takes over it's host and turns them into a blood thirsty killing machine. It's a tale that provides interest, but it's not something that's particularly unique or different from any other fighter.

The controls are the typical six button fighting game setup, combos are built by stringing together various kicks and punches of various power level. Each charter also has a few special techniques and ultimate moves called "blockbusters" that provide plenty of stylized death dealing. Skullgirls also features a unique fighting game mechanic that allow of tag team action or solo play all in the same match. The game balances handicap matches by buffing up the character being teamed up on. The tutorial also covers higher level fighting techniques that novice players may otherwise not be familiar with, it does it's best to prepare you for the brutal AI and online competition you're going to be facing.

The fighting genre has been booming since Street Fighters revival with plenty of others to choose from. Skullgirls stands above most and is a property that anyone that wants to have a go should pick up!