skullgirls is something new and interesting in the fighting genre

User Rating: 9.5 | Skullgirls X360
skullgirls is a really odd but interesting game but is actually fun to play the fighting feels smooth and it fast past but it's also slow paced at times which makes it feel very unique

the characters are all interesting looking and all have a backstory(idk if the series is new or old but it seems alot was put into it) the story mode seems that everyone is someway or another is connected but when useing them to fight they have a way of fighting that makes them different from eachother

the arcade mode is cool to chose to have 1 or 3 characters to use and you can assign a button combo to do a special which i found pretty cool and havent seen it before and the costumes for the characters are different color renders but all look actually pretty sweet

the tutorial also gets down with you hands and teaches you more how to fight in this game then most

online is smooth and not buggy and all and is a good time

know that there are two downfalls to the game though sometimes your character will lag and turn into abunch of green squares doesnt happen often but it seems like a bug, and lastly it doesnt have very many characters and i spent 15$ nonetheless unlike most games i dig all the characters so i cant complain on that one to much