A small roster with big fun. This is a stylish game with tight controls. A must have for fighting-game fans!

User Rating: 8 | Skullgirls PS3
This is a game lacking in a couple of areas. Extra modes aside from MP and SP, no in-game movelist, and the most glaring flaw is the lack of character selection. However, that is it. Despite there only being eight characters as of now, each one is drastically distinct from the other, something many 2D fighting games fail to do. Combat is tight, and contains no noticeable glitches or lag, very responsive and fun. Every character has their own individual moveset (with the exception of Double), and this means that no two characters play the same, offering a lot of variety in a small package. Also, with the announcement that DLC packs will remedy many if not all of the problems above, for $15 there's s no excuse for passing up this exciting new entry in the fighting genre. Seriously, go do it now.