Have they made one as good as this yet?

User Rating: 8.5 | U.S. Ski Team Skiing INTV
You can play as one of four colours. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green (of memory serves). Not all colors are created equal either. Lol, like so many other intellivision games, different colors = different attributes.

Since I have been a kid this is the skiing game i compare all others to, and so far I can't think of one I like more. The controls are very well done. In a time before physics engines, this game almost feels like it has one. Too much speed, plus too tight a turn, equals going for a spill.

If you ever decide to test out an intellivision emulator, this game is a must play.

Well, apparently they want the review to be 800 characters long, and mine was only a little over 500. However, when i look up to read the review posting rules, I am told that a review must be no shorter than 100 characters. Things that make you go hmm...