Karaoke done right. Not to simplified, not to complicated.

User Rating: 9 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
Is it me, or are games taking a plunge into innovation and coming together? Competitive Karaoke games are pretty rare, with only two titles that come into peoples mind, Karaoke Revolution and SingStar. Sure there have been many games that try to get people to "Step up to the Mic" but they failed. Due to shoddy scoring and horrendous track lists. SingStar is a game with European roots, with other games such as Buzz and EyeToy. SingStar came on the PS2 with 30 songs. Evenutally dozens of titles were made. SingStar for the PS3 builds on the popularity of the game series and make it even better. This game is a good mixture between karaoke machine and game, you can easily jump into any song of your choice whenever you feel like it, You can also have competitions with friends. This game is more sutited with friends then alone. Because how much fun can singing alone be? Of course there is more to the game than just singing. If you aren't content with the 30 Memorable songs on the disc then you can go online to the SingStore and purchase one of the 250 songs on their. And if your bilingual you can choose from a variety of lanuages such as Spanish, Danish, German, just to name a few. And after you get a few songs under your belt, you can head to your online profile where you can upload photos and videos taken with your eyetoy, or some audio playbacks. You can review and rate other peoples content. This feature makes a great feeling of coumminity with the game, which, in its core, thats what makes karaoke, karaoke.