Singing when you're winning.

User Rating: 8 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
Singstar has always been a staple title for the Playstation, and this is perhaps the definitive most complete karaoke experience you could possibly have on any games console. The big pull this year is the new download service and online features, which is a lot like iTunes for your Singstar and intentionally build a YouTube alike community posting crazy videos and photos of one another garbling away to Britney's Toxic. This is the start of something massive. The online works incredibly well and the online store, since Christmas, has seen massive updates, that to rival Rock Band's depth of DLC. It still needs a little tweaking, but on the whole, the online experience is what makes Singstar feel fresh and exciting and alone worth countless praise. I like the visual style in which Singstar has taken. It looks very modern and clean cut with all it's swish menus and sound effects and relaxing music. It feels like some posh hotel lounge do with slaves feeding you posh grapes and it's all very welcoming and further strengthens the package.

The variety of songs on offer, on the actual disc that is, is debatable, as I, someone who doesn't use Singstar commonly, thinks it's a brilliant mix of tunes like Gorillaz and Weezer, my mum, someone who breaks out the mics with every waking oppertunity thought it was too modern and lacking some "Golden Oldies", which I can totally agree with, but, singing Toxic is fantastically hilarious when gran's round and is a worthy addition to the 40 strong tracklist. It all simply depends on opinion, and my opinion says its the best Singstar line up since the game launched in 2005.

There a few annoyances in the game which have been present since that 2005 installment which you think that could have been easily sorted with a bit of common sense such as the fact you can still mumble, you can still score big as compared to giving the ultimate performance of your life with smoke and fire and flares, which is a bit disapointing and I hate the Rap Metre, as far as I'm concerned it should be called the "Let's Talk a load of **** Metre, its basically pointless.

Overall, online is fantastically enjoyable and well constructed and I can see it becoming a prominent feature of owning a PS3 and is a terrific party games, however not the party game of choice, losing out to Guitar Hero and Buzz! anyday but is still probably the most appealing and the easiest to grasp out of everything available.