Decent game in the series but time will tell with new updated content.

User Rating: 8 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
hopefuly with new downloads it will make it a stronger title and more fun to play .with already 300 song to download Ive already downloaded 20 song that peak my interest. Only problem I found is sometimes I have some lag problems with the mic and tried to use the games auto correction but it was no help ! Went online to the fourms for some help looks like people are having the same problem and seems to come and go.But they also say new download content will be avable every two weeks and they plan to have about 100 more songs each thats a lot ! But only time will tell if that will be true .....unlike Guitar hero 3 new content 3-6 songs every month come that just sucks ! Well hope to see u online ..oh ueah check out the jack sparrow look a like singing his heart out .....its great that people know how to have fun with this game online.