The best party game... ever

User Rating: 10 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
I'm writing this before reading GS's review.

I'll start by saying: Singstar is the best party game ever made.

Now, some details... :)

Singstar for the PS3 is "simply" an upgrade from old PS2 singstar games. However, the small diferences cover all the problems found on previous iterations:
- songs can be downloaded
- "best" moments are stored on the hard disk

Plus, some minor changes were made to the interface, which is now slicker and smoother than ever.
Finally, a great online community was built around the game, letting you upload your "finest" moments and review other players hillarious performances.

Now... the game.
Singstar is a karaoke game. And that's it. But it's the greatest karaoke game ever made. And probably the last! :)
The "singing interface" is widely known: sing on time and on pitch and score points. Presto!
Use a camera and you can watch your performance live on TV.
Game modes are varied, but the one that truly is important is "pass the micro". A team of up to 4 players battles another, on a series of battles with different modes. Games are easily set up, quickly started... and restarted.
Videos are saved, pictures taken, blah blah blah.

Whatever. Thing is: it's a blast. With or without alchool, even the shyest persons are atracted by it.
Everyone adores it.
Replayability is infinite, with more songs allways available for download...

The good side:

The bad side:
- Addictive.
- Bad for the neighbours.
- Expensive... you'll buy more songs than you'll ever need...
- Medleys are a little repetitive.

If you have a social life, buy it.
This is a (THE) party game. It's made to play with friends. On 1-on-1 it's fun, but it's meant to be played by many more... with 8 players, this game is just brilliant.
Some will say that it lacks a "live online mode"... indeed, it could have one, but it would go against the nature of the game.