Resident Evil 4 was easily the best survival horror game of its time, and still a great game to play even now.

I bought this game for the PS2 a week after its release, it was the second in the series that I played (RE3 being the first) I could never understand the over the shoulder view and controls, so I gave it to a friend.
Recently I was playing Resident Evil 5 and thinking that the view and controls actually added to the game-play. So I purchased Resident Evil 4 for the PC.

Wow!... merely a few minutes into the game and I was already loving it, it was a lot more action-based than its previous games but that just made it better,
the graphics were something to be admired by at the time, It didn't hit me as how good the change was since I was playing Resident Evil5 before hand but everything about the game, the combat, the Characters, the weapons everything was just amazing.

Upon completing the game for the first time I was amazed at what you got, completing the game didn't just give you a harder difficulty like most games now-a-days but it gave you in-game items to re-play for, it gave you bonus game modes, bonus playable characters, a ton on reply-ability was featured in this game and the story isn't short either.

The only bug I found in this game was the mouse controls, they were terrible, the sensitivity was way to high and it jumped across the screen like a gazelle on crack.
Luckily there was a program that could be downloaded called MouseAim 2.0 which addressed most of there issues, but lucky for me I was able to use my PS3 Controller which made the game all the more better.

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a fast paced survival horror game, people who play Gears of War,Resident evil 5 and anyone who played Cold Fear will love this game and understand the control layout immediately.