At first, you will not really like it, but after a few hours, you'll love it!

I know most of you who are reading this review have already seen the video review on gamespot, or maybe some other websites, like ign. Well just forget everything they told you about fable 2. It is a vast game, with so many choices, opportunities and chances that there is vast replayability. I will now give you a rundown of everything.

Graphics- Meh. At first, the lush surroundings give off a positive vibe of the surroundings, but as you delve deeper within the game, you will find a few blunders that the graphics development people made. First of all, not all the items visible on the character are distinguishable. For instance, on my character right now, I have a white "will" robe on, and gentlemen's trousers. However the coat, while swaying while I'm running, clips through the trousers, and vice versa. Basically, you can see what's underneath when you shouldn't be able to. But it is a rare occurance, at least on my experience. Otherwise, it is a beautiful world, with lots of detailed art and landscapes that you just want to pause for a second to take everything in. Compare that to Fallout 3, where everything is dreary and has no artistic value, except possibly a few areas. Graphics-8/10

Gameplay- Pretty good. There are many little details within the gameplay that are very hard to describe, and many that make the game just right. For instance, the combat is pretty good. You get a choice of a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and some "abilities" or spells to use during combat. Of course, you won't get all this upfront, mind you, you must buy or find the weapons, and earn the spells. Here's a quick tip to those that would like to buy literally everything. There are many properties in Fable II that you can buy, almost everyone in fact. But then, purchasing it won't just mean you get the deed, but you get to rent it out. Every 5 minutes, you will get the total sum of all the rent. Cool, you say, but how do I get enough money to even start buying the houses, much less renting them out? Well, simple. There is a gypsy camp, the main starting location, and there are some caravans for sale. They are very cheap, and you will probably be able to buy the whole camp very early in the game. Next, you can adjust the rent. I recommend not doing this if you want to be a good or neutral character in the game, because if you want to make the most money, you will have to raise the rent to the top, giving you a bad rep. Or, you can lower it even lower than the default amount, down to 0, and get a good rep. Next, there requires a bit of cheating. Save and exit the game. Next, fast forward your Xbox 360 clock one year, and only one year. Make sure you are not connected to Xbox Live, as you can't fool that. Return to Fable 2, and find that all the 5 minute rent collection has piled up. Now, don't get too mad, you won't get a lot, maybe 15000 or less. But before doing that trick again, buy as many houses as you can, and repeat. Soon, like me, you'll be getting 500,000 per year, enough to buy pretty much everything in the game. Just remember, if you set the rent to max, and return, you will be so deep in corruption, it is hard to be a good player. So be warned. By using this trick, the game was a breeze with the best weapons. But there are no armor items, so you are vulnerable. But death, like in Bioshock or Prey, doesn't really matter, you get knocked out, lose some XP that is easily regained, and you get a scar on your character. BFD. But, moving on, Fable II is a blast. You can marry, have kids, have sex with as many prostitutes as you'd like, protected or unprotected. You can go on a killing spree anytime you'd like. You can grow fat or stay thin, sprout horns or receive a halo. You can take 2 sides in many quests, and pretty much do whatever the bloody hell you'd like. It's a very mature game, but enjoy it if your old enough. 9.5/10

Story- Not very good. I won't spoil it, but your character is out for revenge throughout the entire game. That's it. Lucien, the bad guy, kills someone close to you, and you ally with some other people to take him down. No surprises along the way for the most part. The quests are pretty boring for the main questline, but the sidequests are very fun, on the otherhand. Don't go into this game expecting brilliance in story telling, but yeah. 5/10

Sound- Okay I guess, since I never really listen to the music, so I can't say. ?

Overall. An excellent game, get it or at least rent it. It's very fun after a while, and you won't be able to put it down. For the love of all that is right in this world, get this game. 9.5/10