The Sims 2 is a great game because you get to do whatever you want.you can do an objective now or later.so it's great.

Althogh it is good that you can do whatever you want it can get kind of boring once you beat the game cuz then you got nothing to do.i mean ya u can go to the store and buy a new hot tub or the latest shower...but...it takes 5min and then youre done...so it can get boring after a long time when youve played it.most of the objectives are easy but there is one where you have to get to level 5 mecanic which can take a long time and be boring because you have to find the levels and the level isnt always going to be a mecanic level so i got stuck on that one for like a week...also you can find license plates throughout the city which i read can unlock a few things.

So...the game is about a person(you) who gets stuck in a really small city.the city has like five houses and you en up runing the hotel.there is the town hall where you can build more rooms for you and your guests to enjoy.you casn build up to five rooms your guests can stay in at a time and they usually stay for 1-3 days.but somtimes some bad things happen and you need to come to the rescue.there are small bad things like someone stole a couch from one of the rooms or aliens are invading the town.either way you have to solve the problem.either going to the desert and finding the abbondened couch or becoming ratman and kicking those aliens off of earth.either way its very fun but it can get annoying when all kinds of aliens are invading the town so watch out!