Singstar Review =]

User Rating: 9 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
Hi. Im Casey and will be reviewing Singstar for the Playstation 3. The game is nearly the same as the PS2 series with High Definition and a new modern look. The songs already on the disc are limited to my opinion the only good songs are Mister Brightside - The Killers, All The Small Things - Blink 182, Toxic - Brittney Spears, Feel Good Inc. - The Gorillazzz and Gwen Stefani - Cool. The rest are pethetic to my opinion but they probably only want us to buy off the Singstore.

Singstore is a new feature on the Singstar Series and you pay $2.49 (Australian Dollars) for a song on the List. On the List at the moment there are about 75 song (AUS at least).

Another Feature is MySingstar this is when you make a online profile and you can upload your own videos, snapshots and audio from the songs you play offlne (Sing a song while filming it [PS@Eye or Eyetoy] and at the end you can Save the Result and then upload them so everyone can see it and they are allowed to rate your Video.....Or Snapshot or Audio Playback..

Thanks, Bye