I actually enjoy this game after nagging my brother to get a better game than rubbishy singstar

User Rating: 10 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3
This game is highly addictive when played for a period of time. It is a guitar hero 3 type game but obviously you sing not play the guitar.The graphics for the videos when your singing are brilliant .After a while on some singing games you get bored singing the same song over and over again. On singstar there are a variety of songs some old some new so all ages can play and enjoy. If by some chance you do get bored of the songs(which you wont) there is the singstar store that has the latest songs which is useful when you here songs on the radio that you like for a pound.There are also other singstar game for the ps2 which(if you have downloaded a chip into your ps3 like me)you can play on your ps3. If you like music game this is the game for you,if you dont this is the game for you as well or possibly guitar hero 3 legends of rock im not quite shore