One of the greatest assets that the game has, surprisingly, is its presentation.

User Rating: 8 | SingStar (w/Microphones) PS3

One of the greatest assets that the game has, surprisingly, is its presentation. Instead of loading different screens to start a song, we're treated to a fluid menu system that you flip through, much like a flash site. Unfortunately you'll have to buy the backgrounds, which is frustrating with such great Eye functionality, but the default option pops and fits beautifully with the seamless transition between menus as they flow in and out of the screen.

To along with an effective menu system, Sony has finally implemented a useful, integrated Friend's List option. Any time you're flipping through menus, just hit the Start button to see a few quick link options to single and multiplayer games. However, the star attraction of quick link system is definitely found in the ability to see you're friends' current status while still in-game, as well as add people to your list while checking out their SingStar profiles online.

About. Damn. Time.

If you're a star, and you need to sing…

There's not a lot to find at fault with SingStar on the PS3. True, keeping with wired mics is still a bother, and there isn't any online play to be found. However, the facelift, Eye compatibilities and new social networking elements sets the game above other karaoke solutions on the Sony's system; nay, any platform to-date. Playing on your own may be a bit underwhelming, but if gather up some friends, and download a few extra songs, you're set for some entertaining action.

Hell yeah:
+ My SingStar networking, and all that it entails
+ In-game Friends List (finally)
+ Fluid, flowing menus and presentation

Oh, hell no:
- Wired mics connected to $400+ machine?
- Still online play
- Apparently, the computer is a better photographer than you: no choosing when you record content
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