Singles 2: Triple Trouble Cheats For PC

  1. Begin the game with alot of money

    Before you start a new game to your installed singles folder then to the config foler and open game.cfg with a text editor like notepad. Search for money and change the values to as high as 999999 these are the current values.

    moneyEmptyScene = 100000
    moneyStartStory = 496
    moneyStartBackyard = 2500
    moneyStartApartment = 5000
    moneyStartPenthouse = 10000

  2. All Modes

    Use Windows Explorer to disable the read-only attribute of the "game.cfg" file in the "\Singles2\config\" folder. Then, use a text editor to edit that file. Look for the "BackyardEnabled =", "ApartmentEnabled =", and "PenthouseEnabled =" lines. Change the "false" values for those lines to "true". Save the file, then make the file read-only again.

  3. Skill points

    Save the game, then quit. Use a text editor to edit the "savegame_apartment.dat" file (if your character lives in an apartment) or "savegame_penthouse" file, if your character lives in a penthouse, etc. in the "\Singles2\savegame" folder. Look for the entry for skillpoints and change its value to "30". Search again and change the value of each occurrence to "30".

  4. Remove Nudity Patch

    Locate the /Program Files/Singles2/Config/ directory and find the Game.* file. Edit that file using a text editor, such as Notepad. Locate the following code and make the following changes to your file:

    # min window size
    minWindowSize = 320 200
    # min/max window aspect ratio
    minWindowAspectRatio = 0.56
    maxWindowAspectRatio = 3.59
    # pixelate (instead of black bars)
    pixelate = true
    # shall breasts and genitals be pixelated in
    # uncesnsored versions? (for exhibitions)
    fullPixelation = false
    defaultDictionary = langIntEnglish.cfg
    defaultDictMissing = langIntEnglishMissingWords.cfg

    This should get rid of the mosaics over the naughty bits. Enjoy!

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