Nothing new. No nifty craftmanship. A novice try on an old genre.

User Rating: 6 | Sine Mora X360
I like scrolling shooters, and have played a lot of them. All the way from Galaga, R-Type, Raiden, Thunderforce and Gradius to Starfox to Ikaruga.

Game-play: 5/10

Almost nothing fancy here. Mostly left-to-right-stages, with a handful of very basic enemy types in simple formations. With very few exceptions, the stages aren't based around interesting ideas or topography(like the next-to-last-boss-encounter). Enemies lack variety, special movement, notable abilities and unique ways to attack the the player. The same goes the the bosses, almost all of them are nothing more than generic mega-fortresses, which throw lots of bullets at you. The upgrade-system for the player's ships is without surprise and experienced craftmanship. The difficulty appears inconsistent: Some of the later bosses and stages are by far easier than the ones found at the beginning of the game. All this has been done often by far more elaborate and creative in the past.

Replayability: 7/10

Several progressively harder difficulties. Full online leaderboard-support.

Music and sound: 6/10

Nothing special too. The music is low key at best and offers no recognition value at all. The same goes for the sound.

Graphics: 6/10

Decent, but lacks direction(The standard bullets don't fit the graphic-style very well. Realistic backgrounds and comical enemy-designs are thrown together inharmonically.) and lucidity(sometimes it's not easy to distinguish between background, foreground and enemy). The explosions look great, though.

Story: 7/10

Entertaining and refreshing non-clichèd, but somewhat pretentious and chaotic.

Conclusion: 6/10

Decent, but yet another great example for a game, where more of the development-effort should have spend on game-play, genre-understanding and game-design - and not so much on state-of-the-art-graphics(which are lacking nevertheless) and presentation. If you take away the graphics and the online-components, this game is merely more than a three-months-browers-game-effort by some third-class game-designer.

If you want a "new" classic entry to the genre, which is by far better in game-play and music, you can have it even for free. It's a game called "Hydorah", and was made by "Locomalito"(A mysterious person from spain, who creates high-quality classic games on his spare time.). If you want games, which are better on everything, try "Gradius V", "Ikaruga" or "R-Type Final".