A great game with great sound, graphics and gameplay and one of the best valued games I have ever played and only $15.00

I am going to tell you all about Joint Ops and why you should buy it. Well to start Joint Operations is an online only game but has a training on the online mode there are 4 different types of games TDM, ASS, COOP and TKOTH. Okay TDM is team deathmatch ASS is like capture the flag but you take over the opponents base as a team COOP is like single player you play with other people online against the computer and last TKOTH that is team king of the hill the title explains it all. In Joint Ops you can be 2 different teams the rebels and the Joint Ops team and the rebels are Indonesians and the joint ops are basically the United States. Joint Ops has a large Variety of weapons it has pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers, machine guns, snipers you name it also here are a few vehicles like jeeps, helicopters, boats and apc’s of course there are more a different kinds of them. The controls are simple in joint ops and you can reconfigure them easily driving the vehicles is very easy there is about 4 keys to drive almost anything you can get the hang of them all most instantly. The last thing I want to tell you about Joint Ops itself is it has audio commands you click a button and you give out orders like “move out” and “I need a medic” they are just a cool little thing for communicating as is the chat function. The Battlefield Games have been beaten! Joint Operations Typhoon rising is a game but it has its faults. One of the few faults in this game is it takes awhile to get into the game and I would say it should take you an hour or 2 to get into it but when you do you’ll be playing for months. Another problem with Joint Operations is that it’s got a lot of glitches these normally consist of bullets missing people, able to walk through part of a wall and other things luckily Novalogic fixes these problems within a few months. Okay that’s enough said about this games flaws lets get down to the good stuff. Okay the games graphics are descent something’s can look a bit corny but the game has some great visuals but doesn’t go into the finest details. The games sounds are great the boats and cars sound and all the bullets flying by are good but the car horn sound’s like a baby’s toy steering wheel. Now Joint Ops has great value It’s now only $15.00 and has great graphics, sound and gameplay so it’s a lot for your money and not a disappointment. The game play for Joint Operations Is great you can set up teams in the middle of the game you use teamwork to take people out or you can just go solo and attack the other team by yourself. Overall a great game with good graphics sound and gameplay it is fun and you won’t get bored for a while if you buy joint ops for as low as 15 bucks and that’s great value for a game as good as this. My rating 9.3.