Good game, but still not as good as GH2.

Everything's still there... If you loved GH2, you will definitely have fun with this game. Hardcore GH players may find it a bit lacking however. This game has a great track list, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are the most fun GH songs to play. GH2 had the best solo lines, and difficulty to challenge even the most hardcore GH fan. GH2 had songs on Expert that ranked in difficulty from 1 to 100. The same balance is simply not found in GH3. The first half of the expert mode I zipped right through. I could probably full combo 20% of the tracks in just a few tries...definitely something I cannot do on GH2. The songs are either too easy for your average expert player, or just plain too hard. There is nothing in between. I still go back to GH2 and a good majority of the songs still give me quite a challenge. I have a feeling that after a month with GH3, there will only be a few songs that will still give me a challenge. After one day with GH3, I had 5 starred all but 3 songs on Expert career mode. I still have trouble 5-starring many of the songs of GH2 on a regular basis. I also have a feeling the 3 remaining songs in GH3 are going to be INCREDIBLY difficult to 5 star. In other words, the songs in GH3 are either way too easy or way too hard. It just simply does not have the great difficulty balance that GH2 has.