Nintendo brings their "A" game with this hardcore game!

User Rating: 9 | Tsumi to Batsu: Uchuu no Koukeisha WII
If I can say only one word about this game is "WOW!". This is what the Nintendo Wii console has been asking for. A truly and fully experience hardcore game. This is actually a sequel to the Sin and Punishment game back on the N64. It was only available in Japan, but was finally imported to the North American region on the Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console. This is an excellent on-rail shoot-em-up game for the Wii. First I am actually surprise that this game even made it to the states over here. This is a very heavily Japanese influence game. Everything from the story itself, to the enemies, and to the boss fight are beyond out-of-this-world ridiculous. I can't even explain what the story is about. It made no sense to me, but this game was clearly not about storytelling. So the two main character for this game is a boy name Isa, and a girl name Kachi. And what I got from beating this game was that these two character have to go to Mt. Fuji.... and fight big bosses in outer space?? Yeah I can't really explain what happens throughout the story, but what lacks of story to me is made up from the gameplay. This game is really hard, even on easy mode. Since the game supports two player co-op (which really the second players just shoots what's on screen) made the game a little bit more easier. So much is happening on screen that it will throw you off, but practice and timing will be key to master this game. Dodging and using your melee attacks are just as important as your shooting skills for this game. Now graphics are somewhat dated for this game, since this came out in Japan last year. Though I still found the game to look impressive from the level design as well as the character models. It doesn't support two-player co-op, but has online leaderboards for everyone to put out their best score. The big draw back from this game is that it's really, and I mean really short. I think I beat the game around five to six hours. Lucky though, this game has plenty of re-playability in the end. If you are dying to get your hands on a great Wii game beside Super Mario Galaxy 2, well look no further then getting Sin and Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii. Great work from the people who made this game in Treasure.