Very boring

User Rating: 1.7 | SimCopter PC
This game is very boring.
If you want a game with old 16 bits color, you shall buy this.
I should not play it if i even got payed for it.

Now i think it is hard to find the game in stores, but that is very good.
Cause if the game isnt possibke to buy, noone has to get disappointes cause they wasted theire money.
There is some cheats you can use and the game may have to be edited in word pad.

However, In this game you are flying a helo.
You executes missions like cathing thiefs and evacuating people.
When you have executed a mission in the game you gets som emoney and with the money you can buy new helos, there are around 8 different.
You can also buy upgrades to the helo like teargas and a rescueseal.

Well thats it!
Don´t enyoy this game gamers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!