Although this game seems cheasy now with its simple graphics and basic controls, it was original and unique.

User Rating: 6.8 | SimCopter PC
I remember when this game came out, at the time I was playing Starcraft and Sim City 2000. Anything 3-D was ment for the consoles. People forget what games ment to them when they were new. All they see is how it looks to some other game that is much more current. This game at the time had all kinds of awsome features and was in 3-D which was rare. You could build a massive city in Sim City 2000 and then go back and import it to Simcopter and fly around your city in fluid 3-D. Something that hadn't been done since Sega Genesis titles like Sonic. Not only that but it was one of the few games at the time that had the capability of using a force feedback joystick. The missions are simple but enjoyable however the game runs some 30+ levels which actually drags a bit when you consider that you are doing the same over and over. Really the only thing that keeps you going is the excitement to buy bigger and better aircraft. You can also get out of the copter and walk around and there are many cheats that allow you to greatly expand the games abilities. Its not exactly GTA but you can get out of your heli and 'steal' another heli from an airforce base.This military heli has a gun which you can wreck terror on the city and even make money off of causing disasters. In the end I think this is a game that will be lost to memories simply because it has become rare and forgotten, not to mention incompatible. Sadly the replay value is low so I would overall recommend that you download the demo and delete it after you finish.