Old-School Fun. Great addition to Sim City 2000.

User Rating: 7.8 | SimCopter PC
In my opinion, they should of released additions like Sim Copter and Streets of Sim City for every release of Sim City. My hope is if/when they create and release Simcity 5, they go and make additions like this. Anyone who has played this game knows that this game in itself isn't too fun, however i find it to be one of the greatest games of my childhood/early teen years. You could create an entire city in Sim City 2000, then see it from a 3D perspective, like you cant even do in today's Sim City.

As a copter commander game, you probably wont have a lot of fun with this, but as a Maxis fan, and as a Sim City fan, this is a must have addition if you still play Sim City 2000 / Sim City Urban Creator Kit.