I tried ... I tried really hard to give it time and hope it'll improve ... but no!

User Rating: 5 | SimCity PC
I'm done trying to defend this game. You've read all the reviews so won't get into it but here are the two issues I just can't get over no matter how much I've tried to be patient:

1) Constant online activity. I was ok with it at first. I even gave it time the first 2 weeks but now with bugs and not being able to see friends online ... I'm done with it.
2) Size of Map. I build something in an hour and then what? Way too small. I can't believe they thought this size was going to be ok for the passionate Sim City fan.

Everything else I can forgive ... but after months of playing I can't anymore.

The concept is great. I love being able to play with friends and share and trade. But I want to be able to build larger cities, make my own maps, and have more control and when and how I can play. To think they would alienate the die hard fans this way is a complete let down.