A game I was really excited about, results in extreme disappointment and anger towards EA. Shocking.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
This has to be my most anticipated game release for several years, and yet another release that EA's greed has completely ruined.

First of all, the game should not be server based anyway, anybody with half a degree of intelligence can see that. However EAs push towards always-on DRM, thinly disguised as being something "good for consumers" has literally killed the launch of this game.

A simple look at their pre-order figures should've told them the amount of server load to expect, but EA have cheaped out on the servers once again and now we're faced with a small number of servers that all say "Busy". Those that do say available have countdowns of around 20 minutes before they retry.

Once again, the paying customer (paying through the nose by the way, SimCity is not cheap!) is the one being screwed by the DRM.

Bravo EA. When will you realise that DRM serves no purpose but to anger your paying customers.