Amazing game, online DRM sucks but if you take that out its amazing.

User Rating: 8 | SimCity PC
WOW 5.0 GAMESPOT WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Sure the always online DRM is bs but the game is awesome. Once you are in and playing it does everything right. Ramps up the complexity giving you endless options. This complaining about smaller plots is being blown way out of proportion. Some regions have really big plots. Sure they aren't XL size but at the same time they are big enough and this game is all about city specialization and multicity play. It's fun to have one city mining and focusing on all industrial and residential while on the other side of the map you have a college town all about residential, universities and commercial. The game has endless possibilities. When you get in a game with your friends and your cities are all working together it is a sight to behold. I just hate how everyone is complaining about small plots. That is simply not true. In the region i'm playing there are very big plots to work in. Overall though i give it an 8.0. It would have been a 9 if there was no always online DRM. Servers are obviously broken and that should be factored in but if you take that factor out the game is awesome. Gamespot is being way too critical on this game. Gametrailers gave it an 8.